Company Formation Questionnaire

To assist you in the formation of your corporation, please fill out the following information, so we have a better understanding of your business. This information assists us to draft the formation documents customized for your corporation, specifically, the articles of incorporation, the bylaws and obtaining a federal tax identification number.  

The Company Name must include Inc., Corp. or Corporation.
Please provide the general business of the Company as well as the anticipated products or services to be sold.
Company Address *
Company Address
If the Company address is not within the state of formation, you will need a registered agent for the formation state.
Company Owner 1 Name *
Company Owner 1 Name
List the Percentage Ownership of Owner 1
Company Owner 1 Phone Number *
Company Owner 1 Phone Number
Company Owner 1 Address *
Company Owner 1 Address
Please provide a social security number of one company owner to be the Company representative for the IRS. If you do not want to provide your social security number through this form, please fill out the following form with zeros and we will contact you to receive that number.
Company Owner 2 Name
Company Owner 2 Name
List Percentage Ownership of Owner 2.
Company Owner 2 Phone
Company Owner 2 Phone
Company Owner 2 Address
Company Owner 2 Address
While forming your corporation, we will discuss other items with you such as: 1. Authorized and Issued Shares, 2. Par Value of Shares, 3. Types of Stock (Common vs. Preferred), and 4. Number of Board of Directors. Please provide any preferences you may have on such topics. Otherwise, we can provide our recommendations based on your situation.