Employee Handbook Questionnaire

To assist you in drafting your company’s employee handbook, please fill out the following information, so we have a better understanding of your business. This information assists us to draft your company’s employee handbook, which is specific to your company.  

Please provide the general business of the Company as well as the anticipated products or services to be sold.
Company Address *
Company Address
Please list the Company's headquarters or primary address.
Company Employees *
Please check the box for all the types of Employees.
When and how often do you pay your employees?
Does the Company offer health insurance to employees? If so: 1. When is an employee eligible to participate in the plan, and 2. How much, if any, does the Company contribute toward such a plan?
Does the Company offer a retirement plan to employees? If so: 1. What is the type of plan (i.e. 401(k), Roth IRA), 2. When is an employee eligible to participate in the plan, and 3. What, if any, does the Company match?
Please describe your vacation policy if any for employees including how hours are accrued and if hours roll over from year to year.
Paid Leave *
Please select which events you offer paid leave.
Does the Company have a policy to reimburse employees for Company expenses? If so: 1. What, if any, limits are there on reimbursement, and 2. When must a reimbursement request be submitted, and 3. Who will receive such reimbursement requests?
Does the Company conduct performance evaluations? If so, how frequently should an employee expect to receive such reviews?